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What Do You See?

Recently, armed with a discount coupon, I went shopping for jeans. I like to rotate them. When my “good” jeans start to look worn and grungy, when I’ve walked on the hem for too long and it’s frayed, they get … Continue reading

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Brown Paper Packages, Tied Up With String

It’s always exciting when a new book arrives by mail. It’s even more exciting when that book is authored by a friend and writing colleague, and when you’ve been looking forward to reading it since before it was even finished! … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! And upcoming workshop at Blue Heron

Happy new year, everyone! I’m embarrassed to say, I didn’t make it to midnight on the last night of 2013. Not even close. We’d hosted a three-kid sleepover (kind of like a three-car pileup, only noisier) the night before, and … Continue reading

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