Roller Coaster

Someone is stealing from the local amusement park. Emma’s dad has been blamed, but she knows he didn’t do it. To solve the case, Emma and her brother Justin sneak into the park after hours for an adventure-filled night that includes unexpected hiding places, a wild ride on the roller coaster, and danger that neither of them bargained for.

Reading this mystery novel is like riding a roller coaster — a short trip with lots of laughs and excitement.

The wooden bars wiggled as I crawled up them. As I got higher, the wind got worse. It had barely been windy at all, on the ground.

I looked down. Bad idea. …

Three quarters of the way up, my teeth were chattering in the wind. My fingers felt numb. This was high enough, maybe. I could see most of the park from here. It wads dark out, but the lights all around the main path were on. 

I gripped the rails with my arms and legs, and then I slid my backpack off. I dug inside it with one hand, looking for my binoculars. There. i pulled them out and looped the cord over my neck.

Then I saw someone moving.