Scribbling Women Update and Website 2.0!

Scribbling Women Book Tour

Coming this week: Marthe Jocelyne’s “Scribbling Women” book tour has officially started. If you comment on any post that’s part of the book tour, you are entered into a draw with Tundra Books to win a complete set of Marthe Jocelyne’s books. That’s a lot of reading!

My contribution: later today and Tuesday, I’ll be sharing with you the stories of some Scribbling Women I know and the women who inspired them to write. Wednesday, for my official blog tour post, I’ll be sharing an interview with Marthe Jocelyn. She’s an amazing woman. You don’t want to miss it. Or your chance to win the eight zillion books she’s written!

Website 2.0

Things look a bit different here this morning. My husband was up late last night, wrestling with WordPress to give this website a bit of polish. I love it!

What I want to point out: over on the right, you’ll see two widgets. One is linked to Goodreads and shows the book that I’m reading at the moment. I’m always happy to talk books, so please feel free to get in touch if you’ve read it or if you’re thinking about it!

The other, the one I’m most proud of, is “Whitby Chronicle.” I’ve been researching Whitby in the 1880s for a current project. That means lots of time in the Whitby Archives with incredible local historian Brian Winter, and it also means quality hours with the microfiche readers at Whitby Library. As I go cross-eyed, I thought I’d share some tidbits from the Whitby Chronicle, the local newspaper at that time. Enjoy! It’s set to random, and I’ll be adding as I go, so you never know what will pop up.

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