Proofs and a Contract

My big job for this weekend is to go through the proofs of Draco’s Fire, my first book, which is due out this September from HIP Books (book three of the Dragon Speaker trilogy–the first two books were written by Cheryl Rainfield and Debbie Ouellet).  I’ve never actually seen proofs before, so it’s pretty exciting. This is the way the book will look, pictures and everything. The typesetting is very nice. 🙂 

I also just signed a contract for my snowboarding book, Boarder Patrol, with Orca Sports. It will be published in Spring 2010. 

Both books were written in response to calls for submission that I found out about through the CANSCAIP newsletter. If anyone is interested in writing for children, it’s very much worthwhile to become a CANSCAIP friend. The organization is a great source of information, and the meetings (not that I often go; too much of a wimp to drive into Toronto more than necessary) are great.

I’m excited about these two books, and about my new novel marathon draft, but for the time being, I’m back to work on Pyro: or who to be in high school. I’ve lost track of which rewrite this is; maybe the seventh or eighth substantial one over two years. It’ll be nice to get back to those characters.

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