Muskoka Novel Marathon 2009

I joined in the Muskoka Novel Marathon again this year, one of my favourite writing events. It’s a fundraiser for the Muskoka Literacy Council, run by the wonderful Susan Lowe. 

I wrote a children’s novel this year; just under 25,000 words in 3 days. Crazy. Obviously it’s going to need a lot of work (when I finally get back to it… new marathon projects get back-burnered for a long time), but for a first draft written at great speed, I’m happy with it.

The marathon was great. Everyone was friendly and supportive as always. I even dragged a friend from my night class along… it was her first marathon, and she was happy with it, I think. She got a first draft finished… impressive, considering that she lost fifteen pages due to a technical glitch on the second day.

It’s always such a nice feeling to write “the end”, and know that your vague idea has turned into an actual manuscript that you can edit and shape and pick the best parts out of. I find editing easier than writing; that’s probably why I like marathons. It’s always easier to fix something that exists than something that doesn’t.

See article in The Muskokan.

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4 Responses to Muskoka Novel Marathon 2009

  1. Martin Avery says:

    hey! congrats on your novel marathon — and on the two new books!

  2. I’m the friend-dragged-along to MNM 2009, and for this I am grateful! I actually lost 40 pages on day one, and nearly went home. Because of your support, Erin, I did not. Much was accomplished and learned as a result.

    Can hardly wait for MNM 2010!

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