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Eight Favourite Books on Writing

Happy New Year! In honour of resolutions and all that, I decided to start out the new year by sorting through my collection of books about writing. (Okay, the truth is that I need to move the bookshelf so I … Continue reading

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Online Interview, Arthur Slade and PYI Conference

It’s been a busy few days in writing land. Yesterday was the annual CANSCAIP Packaging Your Imagination Conference. The day before that, I had the opportunity to drive one of the PYI speakers (Arthur Slade) to a couple of library … Continue reading

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Getting into Character

This is a writing book recommendation. Sometime last year, around the time my husband and I visited Stratford, I started thinking about acting. Not about me acting! No, no, never. I took Drama in grade ten because someone told me … Continue reading

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Holly Lisle and First Drafts

I just stumbled across Holly Lisle’s novel-in-progress, Talysmana. Holly is an established fantasy writer who is sharing the first draft of her latest novel scene by scene, as she writes it. Incidentally, she is currently running a contest, if anyone … Continue reading

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Revisions on ‘Boarder Patrol’ Submitted!

I just sent my latest revisions on Boarder Patrol to my editor. She’s been very kind, pointing out ways to improve the story and “talking me down from my tree” (as my husband would say) when I wanted to scrap … Continue reading

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Sold a Story!

I’m very excited that my short story, “Julia”, sold to On Spec magazine. I’m not sure when it will be out; I received the acceptance last week, so I’m guessing it will be in the next issue. I’ve written a … Continue reading

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