Revisions on ‘Boarder Patrol’ Submitted!

I just sent my latest revisions on Boarder Patrol to my editor. She’s been very kind, pointing out ways to improve the story and “talking me down from my tree” (as my husband would say) when I wanted to scrap the beginning and get into a big structural overhaul fairly late in the game.

I’m happy with these changes, and I think they’re all for the better. This will probably be my last set of changes before the proofs, unless there’s something new in this version that needs fixing.

It feels good to have this finished, for now. I need to get back to work on ‘Tyler’s Intergalactic Spy School’, but I’m going to catch up on some administrative things first. The book launch for the Dragon Speaker series is coming up (November 28 at Another Story bookstore), so that will need to be a focus this week, too.

Next planned post: things I learned from judging a short story contest.

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