News and a Guest Post

My guest post on Janice Hardy’s blog will be up Tuesday. I’m very excited about it! She asked me to write something on writing for the reluctant reader market.

(Update: You can read the post here.)

Lots going on in my writing life right now. This Friday, I’m heading out to a local school to visit some classes and talk about my books. And, hopefully, get the kids excited about doing some summer reading. And later this month is my visit to the local library’s teen writing group. I love meeting kids who are serious about writing. I haven’t quite worked out what I’m going to say to them yet. “You’re awesome, keep at it?”

And, of course, those deadlines. The end of June is getting closer. Fortunately, my manuscripts are getting closer to submission-ready, too. Just need to keep at it.

Proper blog post soon. Honest. In the meantime, keep writing!

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2 Responses to News and a Guest Post

  1. JA Paul says:

    Hi Erin
    I appreciate your article on Janice Hardy’s blog today. I too am trying to work with young reader, boys in particular, to try and understand why they don’t like to read as much as the girls do. I know there are many reasons why but I am still trying to find more ways to keep the boys interested in reading, even going so far as writing fantasy adventure book — heavy on the adventure.

    Great topic and I’m glad you chose to write on it today!

    • Erin Thomas says:

      Thank you, Jason! It’s wonderful that you’re writing for reluctant readers.

      It does seem that there are more boys than girls who are hesitant to read, or who find it difficult. Maybe it has to do with the way reading is taught, or just the way boys develop. I’ve heard that school, in the early years at least, is more geared to the way girls naturally learn than the way boys do.

      Books with lots of adventure help, but like with any writing, the characters need to be well drawn, and they need to be people kids want to identify with. I think graphic novels can be a good hook, too, for getting them interested in books; someday I’d like to learn more about writing for those. Or maybe that’s just the comic geek in me. 😉

      Good luck with your fantasy adventure book! I hope it’s going well.

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