New Book Covers and Writing Workshop

Book Covers

The Skinwalker books are coming! This is the new hi-low fantasy series from HIP Books that Cheryl Rainfield, Deb Ouellet and I have been working on. Paul Kropp sent us the cover images yesterday. Mine is the one in the middle: Wolves at the Gate.

This series is different from the Dragon Speaker books in that the stories all deal with different characters within the same world. They don’t need to be read in any particular order, and you can read any title as a standalone, although I think the story concepts complement each other well.

The plan is to print the books in April for a May 1 release. I look forward to reading the final versions of Cheryl’s and Deb’s stories–I haven’t seen them yet!

Writing Workshop

This Saturday I’ll be presenting an hour-long workshop on writing for the hi-low and reluctant reader market. The workshop takes place at the Ajax Convention Centre, after the Writers’ Community of Durham Region monthly breakfast meeting. There are still a few spaces left, although I’m told that 20 people have already registered, so the room is filling up! Yay! You can find more information here.

It’s shaping up really well; I think the people attending will get their money’s worth and then some. (Okay, it’s a $10 workshop, but still. There’s a principle at work here, and I live to overprepare.) The publishers I’ve been in touch with have helped me by providing submission guidelines and “what we need now” hints, so I’ve got lots of great information to share. I’m looking forward to it.

Now to work on the whole ‘voice projection’ thing…

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2 Responses to New Book Covers and Writing Workshop

  1. Kylie Burns says:

    Erin Thomas, you rock! What a fantastic presentation today! You gave us practical, highly useful insights and lots of hope that we, too, will have success writing fiction for kids. Loved the handouts, the opportunity for questions throughout, and chatting with you after. I would gladly take any workshop you offer, as I know I will come away with helpful advice and a sense of excitement about my own writing career. Thank you! : )

    • Erin Thomas says:

      Thank you, Kylie! That means a lot. I’m thrilled that you found the presentation helpful. 🙂
      Hope Valentine’s Day with the kidlets went well!

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