Remembrance Day Links

Friend and fellow writer Bill Swan is feeling proud over his stepson launching a new song at the True Patriot Love Foundation fundraiser dinner last night. Net proceeds from the song go to foundation, which raises money for Canadian forces and their families. Find the song on iTunes here.

Today, Kathy Stinson is in Ottawa, presenting her new book, Highway of Heroes, at the Canadian War Museum. Read her post about it here. If you haven’t yet read the book, you should. Kathy handles the subject matter with sensitivity.

I have yet to make it through a Remembrance Day ceremony without crying, even the ones in schools. Maybe especially those. Today’s was no exception. It’s a complicated day. I have a good friend in the Armed Forces, who recently returned from a Tour in Afghanistan. From what Dave tells me, I have to believe that we’re making a difference over there. But I’d be really happy if there were no need for him, or anyone, ever to go back.

Anyhow. Remembering my Grandfathers today, and feeling happy to be living in such a wonderful country. And grateful to those who helped make it that way.

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