Downloadable Guide to Uxbridge and Book Launch Poster

The book launch approacheth. Five days. Eep.

Things are well under way, though. Door prizes taken care of. Icing topper for the cake ordered. Crafts and decorations in hand.

Aaron and I even managed to put together a handy-dandy “Beginner’s Guide to Uxbridge”, for those of you coming from out of town and looking for things to do in the area.

Guide to Uxbridge

My authors’ copies of Boarder Patrol arrived in the mail last week. They look great. The cover is much shinier than on the ARC. Unfortunately, I don’t have any left, but I’ve ordered some more. I have bookmarks, too, thanks to the wonderful people at Orca Books.

Finally, here is the book launch poster. Hope to see you there!

Boarder Patrol Book Launch Poster

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