Novel Marathon Wrap-Up

My friend Susan and I are heading up north this weekend for the Muskoka Novel Marathon wrap-up on Sunday. We’ll make a weekend of it, taking Brian Henry’s writing class in Gravenhurst on the way up on Saturday.

We’re spending the night at my parents’ cottage, which at this time of year is rather chilly and free of running water (unless you count the lake), but free and close to Huntsville. I expect we’ll do some writing Saturday night — a writing nerd’s idea of a good time, and Susan and I both qualify — but only if we can thaw out our fingers enough.

I’ve got these wonderful half-mittens… kind of like fingerless gloves, but much easier to type with. They might be making an appearance.  Actually, I wish I’d had them the summer before last, at the Nova Scotia writing retreat–early mornings in the fish house were lovely but chilly. 

Anyhow, links:

Karen Wehrstein, a novel marathoner, wrote this summary of the novel marathon, complete with pictures. 

Brian Henry’s course list is here; the class we’re taking is here

I’ll post the novel marathon results sometime next week!

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