I admit it — I don’t do well working from home. I’m a wife and a mom and a teacher and there are always three zillion things to do that are not writing. For me, one thing that works well is to go somewhere else — somewhere where my purpose in going there is to write. So I took a big step and rented an office. And, because there will always be days when I can’t be there, I’m happy to share.

The Aviary is a quiet writing space above a florist’s shop in Brooklin, Ontario. It’s ideal for writers who need a tranquil spot to spend the day on their manuscript.

If you want to stretch your legs, it’s an easy walk through tree-lined streets to downtown Brooklin. The room contains a desk and an office chair, a bookshelf with a selection of craft-related books and writing prompts, and an old window rigged up to act as a whiteboard. There’s no wi-fi and no phone unless you bring it, so you can be as disconnected as you wish.

Monday-Friday, hours are 10:00-6:00; Saturdays, hours are 10:00-4:00. Rates are $30/day or $100 for four days.

If you’re interested in booking The Aviary for some focused writing time, please see the availability calendar and contact me to inquire. (Email erin@erinthomas.ca or use the form below. It’s a bit glitchy, so if you want more than one date, just select the first one and list the others in the message).