Erin Thomas grew up surrounded by dogs, books and a pesky younger brother. Her closet held a secret, small door that led to the attic, there was a haunted castle just up the street, and she was sure that lions lived in the storm sewer tunnels in the dead end. This was all in Whitby, Ontario. Erin was accused more than once of having an overactive imagination.

Luckily, her parents kept the house well stocked with comic books, Nancy Drew novels and spiral-bound notebooks with unicorns on the cover, so that imagination had room to play.

Erin studied English at university and went on to work as a technical writer in the software industry, which required a different sort of imagination. Becoming a teacher was a much better fit and meant more time spent around books and stories. Erin took a course in writing for children at a bookstore in Toronto, and after that, there was no going back.

Erin teaches creative writing to writers of all ages through school visits, local writing organizations, Centennial College and the Oshawa Senior Citizens’ Centre. These days, she does most of her writing using Scrivener, either on her Mac or her iPad. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, reading, writing, knitting and going for walks with her dog. The cat refuses to participate.

Erin still lives in Whitby, Ontario, not too far from her parents and that pesky younger brother, but she has not seen any lions in several years.